Garage Conversions

Can I Convert My Garage into Habitable Living Area or a Bedroom ?

Yes you can, here’s a few considerations

  • Is there a requirement under your town planning scheme to have car accommodation on your land ?
    If there is there’s a few options, a carport may work for example.
  • Approval is required, you’ll at the very least require building approval, perhaps town planning approval
  • Covenant Approval may be required if you have bought in an area with a building covenant.
  • You have to upgrade the garage the meet Class 1a Habitable building requirements.
  • You will need minimum 2.4 (or average 2.4) ceiling height
  • If there is a step down then its likely that you will have to step the floor up
    A topping slab with vapour barrier will be required
  • If your garage is less than 900 from the boundary then you will need to make sure fire separation is achieved
  • If your using the new space as living or sleeping an energy efficiency assessment will be required
  • If your building in an area prone to flood or close to the ocean you may be required to raise the floor to meet habitable requirements
  • If your near a noisy road or rail line you may be required to meet noise requirements
  • Your fire alarms will need to be upgraded to meet the new code
  • If you have on site sewerage you may be required to upgrade your sewerage treatment system

There’s quite a few things to consider when converting your garage into living space, its always best to contract your builder before you employ a designer so you can check if you can meet these considerations and if there are any other requirements that your particular home may require.